The recipe of Hypocras is attributed to the famous Greek doctor Hippocrates 5th century before J-C.).

Much later the knights Christians, on the occasion of a Crusade in East, were conquered by this real " magic potion " and returned the recipe of Hypocras in West. It is thanks to the flavors so pleasant and to its even aphrodisiac and toning virtues (as it was assured) that Hypocras becomes the fashionable Apéritif in the Middle Ages, in particular.

Among his most famous followers we count : Rabelais, Henri IV, Louis XIV, Gaston Fébus... After the XVIIIth century the invaluable recipe falls into oblivion.

Today, thanks to the family Séguélas, Hypocras is faithful to its Medieval recipe and Natural 100 %. Hypocras is the result of a learned Alchemy which implements plants, spices and wine.

Hypocras tastes freshly (11 °) and without ice in the apéritif.

It is also appreciated in wine of dessert to accompany cake stores in the chocolate, for example ...

Numerous Chefs use Hypocras in their recipes(receipts).